Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Plan

I always have big plans for the summer but then they don't happen, part of it is that I fail to plan and part of it is that I really like to have a laid back summer and we have so many external activities that by the time we have home days I just want them to be down days (and its usually the hottest part of summer). But the kids are not going to spend all of August watching The Disney Channel so I need a plan...

External Activities- activities we take part in but are not just our family, I have no control of when these are going to occur and for the most part the whole family takes part
  • VBS
  • Family Camp
  • Rush is going to IYC in Orlando
  • Rush is going on our troop's High Adventure in British Columbia
  • Arin & Isaac are going to Boy Scout Camp
Family Activities we have planned
  • Camping at the Arlington Air Show
  • 4th of July Demolition Derby (the boys will do the flag ceremony then we all get to attend)
  • Camping in Eastern WA with friends from California
  • Mariners or Rainiers Game?
  • Reading through the Bible (this is a challenge from the Youth Pastor to do it in a year so we have to plan for it so the boys stay on track)
  • Paint our bedroom (but this involves changing a window and siding so it may have to wait a year)
  • DeGoede's Bulb Farm for a family picture
  • U-Pick blueberries
  • Agate Hunting
  • Walk 100 miles (or do the equivalent)
Things I would like to do weekly (when we are home...)
  • Library
  • Craft Day
  • Baking Day
  • Farmer's Market- local, Olympia, and Pike's Place Market (my hope is that if the kids pick out the vegetables then they'll eat them)
  • Work on the kids' baby books
I have a few ideas for crafts and I'm sure I'll come across more- I already bought the kite paper to make Waldorf Stars, and I have everything we need to make Georgia O'Keefe flowers and to paint with cornstarch. I think I'd like to start a red-work quilt with Tovah to remember our year doing Prairie Primer.

Saturday I took Tovah to Home Depot to make a soccer game (the boys wanted to play with it but didn't want to go so they decided one game was all we really needed and Tovah could make it- they didn't know I was listening to this discussion).

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