Saturday, August 27, 2011

2011-12 School Plan (Updated)

~ erica

Is it okay to plan/ start a new school year before you finish the paperwork for the year before? Maybe I'd better work on the kids' assessments today... I sat down last spring and wrote out a preliminary plan for curriculum this year. I still think its a sound plan but I think I need to add a few more things. This morning I started clearing books and homeschool stuff that we are never going to use off the shelves and found a couple of things that I think we should use such as Greenleaf's Old Testament History and the Learning Language Arts Through Literature Orange Book on doing research and a report (I've got the old set and can't find a link to it). Tovah found an Origami book and is busy using up the paper I've had on the shelf for 23 years, I guess its time to let it go!

Jonah: 6th Grade
Bible/ History: Greenleaf Old Testament History, Breakout: How to Share Christ
Reading: Pathways Readers & workbooks New Friends and More New Friends
Math: Math-U-See Delta
Language: Word Roots, LLATL Orange
History: WA State History
Science: Geology MB, Scout stuff
Building Thinking Skills
Health: Baseball, Swim lessons, Scout Stuff

Isaac: 8th Grade
Bible/ History: Greenleaf Old Testament History
Language: A Beka Language B, LLATL Orange/ Research project, Vocabulary
History: WA State History Our Northwest Heritage
Science: Geology A Beka Science of the Physical Creation
Math: Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra
Building Thinking Skills

Arin: 9th Grade
Bible/ History: Greenleaf Old Testament History
Language: IEW Structure and Style, LLATL Orange/ Research project, Vocabulary
History: WA State History Our Northwest Heritage
Science: Geology Apologia Biology
Math: Teaching Textbooks Math 7
Building Thinking Skills

I need to have them do some placement tests for Teaching Textbooks. Also I need to go through their Scout books and current Merit Badge Blue Cards to see what they need to finish up and start to stay on track (this has been on my To Do list since Spring Break). We haven't met with Isaac and Arin's supervising teacher yet and haven't ordered any curriculum but I think we'll get started after Labor Day with what we have on hand- finishing last year's Thinking Skills books, Merit Badge work, LLATL, and Greenleaf. I did a review for Timberdoodle on the Word Roots and Building Thinking Skills and liked them so much we plan to continue using them. I'll probably have Jonah do the literature sections of LLATL while the other 2 only do the research and report units. Wednesday nights start on the 14th and Jonah will get his Breakout book then. We plan on getting another gym membership so we'll swim once a week and they'll go to the gym at least once a week. Jonah is old enough now to go through the training and use the treadmills and exercise bikes. They like to climb the rock so we may try and add that a couple times of month. Of course, it all might change after our meeting with their teacher...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Fair


The last hurrah of summer before we change gears to Back To School/ Fall mode

Linking up to the L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge: Summer {End}

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So Much Yarn!


This is what I got for my birthday (as well as a new Bible in New Kings James to replace my NIV that the cover is falling off). Ryan sold a bunch of his nursing books and knew I wanted some yarn for my birthday (okay, the catalog with the shawl has had a prominent place on our desk for weeks). He let me pick out the extra sock yarn to get to $50 for free shipping.

This yarn will make this shawl.

photo source

I don't usually wear shawls but I love the colors of the Seasons shawl and the look. I'm thinking in the gray days of February and March it will keep me warm and make me feel like spring.


3 sets of sock yarn. The darker red is Gypsy Tonal and it'll be fun to knit a pair of socks with an intricate stitch pattern (I'm hoping its not too dark to see the stitch definition).

The multicolored is called Juice Box and it makes me happy just to look at it.

The plain yarn is a silk merino blend that I plan on dying with Kool Aid. I'm tending towards the blue or a dark green but I have a feeling Tovah will have a say in the color choice. I ran across this chart by Tried & True and it was my first ever pin to Pinterest

photo source

This should be enough yarn to keep me busy all winter especially since I have 3 projects I am currently working on: a cardigan that Ryan ordered me from Knit Picks for Mother's Day, a pair of herringbone socks that I am knitting out of the possum yarn a friend brought back from New Zealand for me, and an R2D2 hat for a guy I went to high school with. I thought it would be easy to whip up and I'd get his done and then make them for the boys.... the beanie was quick and easy but the details are going to be the death of me.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Oregon Trip


Monday the kids and I headed down to Portland for 3 days of being tourists. With our Pacic Science Center membership and staying at my aunt's it didn't cost much more than gas and fun food.

We went to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. They had 2 featured exhibits that we wanted to see; Narnia and Game On. Narnia cost us $2 each to get in. They had costumes from the first 2 movies and sets and props. There were some hands on exhibits warning against global warming (I think the link was the big thaw in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe- never mind that was caused by magic). There was a wall of ice that you could try to climb and some chain mail and armor to try and lift. The second exhibit was about the development of video games. They had everything from pinball machines and arcade games to Wii, Kinect, and a Virtual Reality game. They had Pong set up a big screen, it just seemed wrong. The boys could have stayed in there for hours but it was so noisy! I looked for PacMan but couldn't get near it if it was there.

We went to stay at my aunt Ann's house. My cousin Paul's family came over for dinner and my cousin Fae came in with her new baby. We gladly held the baby all evening, the kids fought over who got to hold her. Noah is as blond as most of the cousins in my generation (I was the exception- I always had brown hair).

(Turns out no flash, night time pictures are better when they are black & white.)

Tuesday Ann & Kaitlyn went with us to McMinnville to the Evergreen Air & Space Museum. Kaitlyn had been to the museum before but it was new for the rest of us. My membership got in 2 adults and all the kids in the party, we had wanted to go when we had a membership to the Boeing Air Museum but because Evergreen has an IMAX it is actually a science museum and not an air museum.  I'll be writing a post on the value of memberships to places, but I'll just say here that these 2 visits would have cost more than we paid for our Science Center membership, even at the Platinum level.

My friend, Mauri, met us the parking lot for a 5 minute hug and catch up; I hadn't seen her since she moved down there 2-3 years ago. She had to get to a class but it was nice to see her even for just a few minutes.

They had old airline seats all over the museum instead of benches. Every time the kids sat down they buckled their seat belts. Every single time! Towards the end of the second section of the museum I sat down and figured out how to recline the seats then I didn't want to get up and drive the hour back to Ann's.

The highlight of the museum is Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose. You can go into the fuselage and look both ways. They filled the wings with beach balls for flotation- remember that the next time the flight attendant tells you to use your seat cushion.... It's a huge airplane but they have so many airplanes around it and the building is so big that it's hard to get a real sense of its size.

Rounds of ammunition in the wing | I finally got a picture of the Berlin Wall (I didn't have any film when I was there in 1988) | 24 kills
Sig Sauer (why does the name seem familiar?) | This banner says "Pacific Theater" | Time Magazine cover with "Race for the Moon"


Arin with his head up the exhaust vent of a Saturn rocket | Isaac inside the bigger exhaust vent of the rocket | Boy Scout sash is a "typical" boys room of the 1950s (but I think those are all modern badges)

In the hands on area they had an infared camera and you could see yourself on the screen. We were easily amused and stood there for quite a while rubbing our hands together to heat them up. The lighter areas are the warmer areas. Arin and Rush's noses were black and Rush's curls were jet black, he looked like Bernard from The Santa Claus. The display of guns was of special interest to the boys and they all liked playing outside on the playground. Tovah got to push the button that started the Saturn rocket countdown so she was happy. The boys want to go back with Ryan (and he'd like to go too), maybe we'll go if we go down to Homeschool Day at Oregon Gardens on Sept. 13.

There's a Sonic around the corner from my aunt's so we made sure we were back in Hillsboro in time for Sonic Happy Hour. Everyone got a 32-oz. drink and was happy.

Wednesday we were going to go hiking at Multnomah Falls but it was too hot and we were ready to be home. We headed across town to stop at Ikea for a shower curtain for the boys' bathroom and swedish meatballs. We're having them for dinner tonight as soon as Ryan gets home (we could bring them home frozen since we had the coolers with us).

Friday, August 5, 2011

Safeco Field Tour


For our anniversary Ryan got tickets to Mary Poppins for me then let me plan the rest of the day in Seattle. He did ask that, if we had time, could we please go tour Safeco Field.

There were only 3 of us on the 2 o'clock tour. The visiting Clubhouse was the first place we went in, we were encouraged to take pictures and ask questions, the guide had been with the club forever. It was overwhelming to even know where to start taking pictures.

We went out on the field and could sit in the dugouts and take pictures from behind home plate. Ryan standing where Eric Wedge (is that the current manager?) stands during the games.  

We watched the grounds crew replace the sod around home plate while we waited for an earlier group to clear the visitors dugout. Ryan could talk team players and stats all he wanted with the guide.

See, I was there too.

Media room being interviewed.

Press box- we're in the open window under the "Wel" of Welcome to Safeco Field in the picture of Ryan in the dugout.

We got to see the Diamond Club and a couple of the suites including the owner's suite. It was a lot of fun even if you aren't a diehard baseball nut. You can book online and set up group tours. We just bought our tickets at the Mariner's store when we arrived (Ryan had checked out the times and costs before we went). Tickets are $9 for adults and $7 for kids. Group tour discounts are available. The website said be prepared to walk 1 mile and climb stairs but its wheelchair accessible. I think we used the wheelchair route since the only stairs we climbed were at the home plate entrance.