Saturday, May 29, 2010

Was this our summer?

Growing up in Western Washington I knew all the jokes about the rain- I had webs between my toes, I went to the Rain Festival July 1- June 30, etc. But then we had an El Nino year and a La Nina year and the past few years we've had way too much hot weather in July and August. This year seems to be working up to one of the rainy summers of my childhood. There hasn't been any teaser hot weather that makes the kids long for summer and school to be out, just rain and more rain. We had one hot weekend- I'm just wondering if it was our only summer...

Even the flowers seem messed up, tulips are supposed to bloom in April for Ryan and Taryn's birthdays, the lilacs are gone by Mother's Day and by our anniversary the only spring flowers left are the irises because the summer flowers haven't yet started to bloom. We have clematis, tulips, poppies, iris, lilacs, columbines, and peonies all at the same time this year.

Arin enjoying the rare sunshine at the ballfield. This is the same day that the tops of my feet and my arms really burned. Most days we are at the ballfield in jeans, wool socks, hoodies, rain gear, and fleece blankets to wrap around us.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I finally got my tulips...

Because the cold weather hung on for so long the tulips were late this year, but then the weather turned nasty and rainy and we couldn't find a day to go up to Mossyrock and visit the tulips at DeGoede's Bulb Farm. One evening Jonah had a baseball game in Mossyrock so Ryan swung by and bought the last 2 nice bunches they had that day. I'm a bit bummed that we didn't go and the kids were worried that we didn't get our annual pictures in their demo garden. I told them we could go up and take pictures with other flowers in the background. Maybe when Jonah's Morton game gets rescheduled...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Out to life....

We'll soon be back to our regular scheduled blogging. Rush is now done with Baseball, Isaac is done with chess, and we only have 2 more weeks of CAST. Most of the schoolwork for the year is done and they are in the final pages of the workbooks they have left to finish. VBS is still 6 weeks away. We may actually have some down time before VBS/ Family Camp make June & July crazy.

Here's a picture from last weeks Camporee. I spent the weekend with 15 boys who whipped out their pocket knives at every available moment...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jonah's Baseball Cards

I finally sat down with Jonah and created his baseball card. He had very definite ideas about how he wanted it. I must say that I think it turned out better than it would have if I had done it by myself. The edge fade is actually part of the picture- I took the pictures through the chain link fence. I now need to get these uploaded and printed.

I watched a webinar on making globes and made this page for Jonah's Cub Scout album.

It's been a rainy week here and both Jonah and Tovah's games have been cancelled. We're hoping that it will stay dry today and they can play tonight or we'll be making up games into August.