Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cub Scouts

I'm in Cub Scouts. We learn to do good things like how to keep ourselves fit, how to make candles, we learn about our country, about the people who run it, and how they run our government.

Jonah's Dollar

Last Wednesday Jonah's AllStar teacher sent him home with a dollar that he needed to pray about before he spent it. We've been talking about the devastation in Haiti and all the help they need. I heard about Doctors Without Borders Inflatable Hospitals on another blog and found a video to show the kids of the hospital being used in Pakistan following their earthquake. Jonah decided that was what he wanted to spend his dollar on (plus a match from mom to make running the credit card worthwhile).

When I heard about these inflatables I pictured a big bounce house with doctors doing surgery inside but these are so much more....

You can donate to Doctors without Borders here. The money is going into the Emergency Fund but can be used not just in Haiti but wherever its needed.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Ramblings

It's Tuesday and it's my turn to say nothing-

*Ryan's been in school for a week and on his 3rd unit.

*I filed my financial aid forms to start school next fall. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up but I thought an AS wouldn't hurt and all the classes should be transferrable.

*I do know that I don't want to do nursing, accounting, business, or Early Childhood Education...

*I resisted the urge to take on a Picture 365 challenge. You take a picture a day all year. It would be just one more thing on my to do list that wouldn't get done and make me feel bad. See, I'm learning to say "no"....

*I took the kids to the dentist yesterday- first time in almost 2 years (we lost our dental insurance when Ryan changed jobs). The cavity count wasn't too bad. Tovah got a tooth brush with a suction cup on the bottom. Why? It's now stuck to the mirror, be careful not to poke your eye out if you use our upstairs bathroom.

*I've just about finished the Jailhouse Rock StoryBook. Now I need to start the kids wedding StoryBook and a 90th Birthday book for Grandma Hendrickson. Which means I need to get over to her house to finish journalling her 80th Birthday album- I've had 10 years, it should be done.

*Poor Arin's voice is cracking, continuously. The Pubers are attacking that kid pretty hard. Wish there was an inoculation for Puberty

I love this video- I figured I'd end with this and you can enjoy at least one laugh today

Monday, January 11, 2010

Boy Scout Wood Cut

This is the Wood Cut on November 14 and December 12. We do the Wood Cut every year with Boy Scouts, here are some photos of the Woodcut:

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center- Baker City, OR

The National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center offers living history demonstrations, interpretive programs, exhibits, multi-media presentations, special vents, and more than four miles of interpretive trails.

My favorite part of the museum was watching a man do a Travelling Medicine Man Show. He talked about the Medicine Men offering hope in a time of history when doctors were few and medicine couldn't offer many cures.

Picture of the wagon ruts that are still visible across the land even after 100 years. We didn't have time to go see them. Also it was very hot and the tick warning was high.

Mom accidentally erased all our pictures of the museum when she dropped her external drive, so we had to get some off the internet.

Friday, January 8, 2010


This is our archery target/ range in the backyard.

Archer: One who shoots with a bow.

These are just some of my grandpa's bows. He built the pegs for them so he can see what he has (also they are handy if the Sheriff of Nottingham should come riding up)

Archery: The art and practice of shooting with bow and arrow.

A few months ago Tovah, Jonah, and I started doing archery. My grandpa is the Merit Badge Counselor. You should try it.

The 2009 Living Christmas Pageant

The Living Christmas Pageant is something we do at our church every year. We sign up for the parts we want to do and stand still for a half hour until our replacements come (that means someone comes and takes our place). Cars drive by to view the scenes each evening. I got to be in the Nativity.

Isaac and Jonah played Jesus in the Temple.

My sister Tovah got to play the part of an Angel and she lives the part, it describes her completely.

Rush was a Shepherd

Donkeys don't like to cooperate! It had diarrhea next to Alyx's foot. The next day it was covered in white fuzz- YUCK!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Look what I found!

One of my favorite blogs is Jane Brocket. I also thoroughly enjoyed her book The Gentle Art of Domesticity. She loves French Macaroons- they are so brightly colored and quite beautiful when she takes their picture. I found them at Starbucks this week- tonight Jennifer and I ran over after serving dinner at church and bought a pack to share with Jenni and Connie and whoever else was at church when we got back. They weren't what I thought they'd be, I thought they'd be like a meringue with a bit of frosting in between. No, they were dense and chewy and packed with flavor. I think I could get hooked... They are cherry, pistachio, lemon, vanilla, chocolate, and coffee.


We went to ZooLights one day and we saw lots of animals there. My favorite animal was the penquins. I liked the ones with the purple and pink tags.

We got to pet the goats.

Afterwards we went to Carl's Jr for dinner.

The Pain and Pleasures of Ice Skating

Ice skating is fun but it has some pain in it. Like the picture of my knee, I fell and hurt it badly. It bruised immediately. I started out slipping and sliding, not knowing how to ice skate.

After awhile I started getting better. My brothers were very good. My sister needed a little help. We all fell a few times, Isaac's arm still hurts. Arin fell and slid across the ice on his face- it was awesome! Soon we were all cold and wanting to go home but mom said if stayed until noon we would go to Red Robin for lunch (she said if we quit early then we would have to go to Ivar's for fish and chips- YUCK!)

Soon it was time to go but we wanted to go around one more time. We want to go ice skating again, maybe next year...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We had one day back to school and then took off for a field trip day- we went to Sprinkers Ice Arena in Spanaway for open skate. The last time I went ice skating I think I took Nathan, Allison L, and Rush when Rush was in kindergarten. Jonah and Tovah haven't gotten a lot of rollerskating time in either so they were pretty intimidated by the whole thing. I can say I didn't fall once unlike the last time we went up there for Broom Hockey when I wiped out pretty spectacularly. We did lunch at Red Robin and then took the Pilot for an oil change. I took a hot bath when we got home and woke up when the water got cold. Ryan and the kids will post pictures later but I wanted to share this with you: