Friday, July 30, 2010

Can't get it out of my mind


Ryan pointed these out to me the other day on the way home. He asked me what they said?

"Oat hay." I was tired but not that tired...

"No, say it all together."

Thanks, now I can't get it out of my mind.

We walked down so I could take a picture, I didn't get the picture I really wanted but I think I'll have to do it without the kids, at about the school driveway Isaac started telling me that I could see it from there. We stopped at Coffee Outfitters on the way back and bought Suzie's Cinnamon Rolls because its Friday and that's the only day they are available. Of course eating even half a cinnamon roll totally defeats the purpose of walking the 3/4 mile to the corner and back.

I couldn't find a better video of the Little Rascals.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We're Home! but too exhausted to get anything done....


Shh, let sleeping babies lie...

We're home from Climb '10 Family Camp, Camp Hahobas, and IYC and we're totally wiped out. A good time was had by all including the 2 who were roughing it at Boy Scout camp. Today we should be done unpacking and getting caught back up and be able to return to real life- tonight is youth group, tomorrow is Scouts, and Ryan has to go back to work tomorrow night whether he is ready or not. We've taken lots of pictures and had lots of adventures that we'll tell you about later.

This is our honorary grandson, Oliver (not the name his parents gave him but we like it better). He came up to see us at camp and we're hoping to have a longer visit when they are home at Christmas.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane...


Rush left last Wednesday for IYC in Orlando, FL. I've gotten 3 texts and 1 phone call from him. The first 2 texts were good- telling me they had arrived, it was HOT, the conference was good, he was tired. Then he texted me asking me to make sure I packed his ukelele and music for Family Camp... Then he called me to make sure I got the message. He didn't tell me about the conference, or how hot it was, or the thunderstorms, or anything except making sure I packed his uke. I'm just wondering if I've instilled a little too much independence in him...

On the other hand, this morning I sent Arin and Isaac off to Boy Scout Camp and if they were allowed to bring a phone I'd already have heard from both of them and I don't think I'd be hearing highlights...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge "Red, White, and Blue"

by Erica

I created this as a new header for the blog. It's how we spent our 4th of July: Nathan back with his Stryker Brigade in Afghanistan; Rush on a High Adventure trip kayaking with our Boy Scout troop; Arin, Isaac, & Jonah presenting the flag at the Demolition Derby at the fairgrounds; and Tovah, well Tovah got to hang out with us. This isn't how we planned or like to spend the 4th, we like to have everyone home and do lots of fireworks but we spent the day in Service- Service to God, Service to our Country, and Service to our Community. As I reflect upon the day I don't think we really could have spent a better day.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

Saturday Rush left to go to Quadra Island, British Columbia for a week of kayaking with the Boy Scouts. It didn't seem right to celebrate without him or Nathan but the other 4 still wanted to celebrate the 4th.

We went over to friends' after church to swim and BBQ. It wasn't very warm but they had heated the pool and the kids didn't seem to mind. It was nice to sit and visit. Ryan called at 1 to say he was awake so we headed home shortly later. We planned on going to the parade at 4 to catch candy but there was a family camp issue we had to deal with so we couldn't get out of the house in time.

The boys were asked to do the flag ceremony at the destruction derby. We'd never been to the derby- the closest we've been is 2 years ago we went to the fairgrounds afterwards to watch the fireworks. The kids weren't sure about going since it meant we had to delay our own fireworks. We all got pit passes and got to sit right up front for the derby and fireworks. We had a great time. It was fun to watch the cars fall apart and at the very end it was a no-holds-barred-last-car-running event. Towards the end of the evening Tovah thanked us for bringing her so I guess we are forgiven for delaying our own celebration. The boys want to do flags again during the fair and take grandma and grandpa and next time Rush will get a chance to participate.

It took about 30 minutes to clear the cars and get the fireworks set up. A lot of people went home and some moved out to the grass north of the grand stand to watch the show. I thought the best part was listening to the little boys in the next group over. One of them described a whistling firework as "the sound a bird makes after its blowed up." Every firework was his "favorite" one. They were good but by then I was cold and tired of sitting on the bleachers. It's pretty sad when you have to wear wool socks and hoodies aren't warm enough for an evening outside in July.

We didn't get home until after 11. The neighbors were still shooting off stuff. Tonight we'll do our fireworks but I don't think it'll bother anyone because I'm pretty sure they'll still be doing them too.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mother's Flag

Before Nathan left last weekend to go back to Afghanistan he gave me this flag to display in the front window of our house. My folks were wondering about it and asked what was it's significance? I said it showed that we had a son that was in the war but then I started wondering about it myself. I mean, its a cool symbol but what does it really mean?

I went to Wikipedia and found out that the flags were first introduced during World War I for a serviceman's family to display when their family member is in harm's way. They are an official flag with a red border on a white field and a blue star for each family member serving, if they should die then the star is covered with a gold star. They were popular during World War II but fell into disuse during the Korean War and Vietnam. They have come back into popularity since Desert Storm and the War on Terror

The Hall of Heros website said that the flags were part of a bigger movement to show support for the military community by supporting causes to aid the war effort. "They also serve who watch and wait."

So, our flag will hang for the next year or so until Nate's home because it's a visual to remember to pray for him and his comrades in arms, to stop and talk about why he's there, and to reflect on the price of freedom for all Americans.

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