Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mother's Flag

Before Nathan left last weekend to go back to Afghanistan he gave me this flag to display in the front window of our house. My folks were wondering about it and asked what was it's significance? I said it showed that we had a son that was in the war but then I started wondering about it myself. I mean, its a cool symbol but what does it really mean?

I went to Wikipedia and found out that the flags were first introduced during World War I for a serviceman's family to display when their family member is in harm's way. They are an official flag with a red border on a white field and a blue star for each family member serving, if they should die then the star is covered with a gold star. They were popular during World War II but fell into disuse during the Korean War and Vietnam. They have come back into popularity since Desert Storm and the War on Terror

The Hall of Heros website said that the flags were part of a bigger movement to show support for the military community by supporting causes to aid the war effort. "They also serve who watch and wait."

So, our flag will hang for the next year or so until Nate's home because it's a visual to remember to pray for him and his comrades in arms, to stop and talk about why he's there, and to reflect on the price of freedom for all Americans.

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