Monday, April 7, 2014


Spent today (my birthday) sleeping and preparing for work. Woke up to a gnome that looks like Larry Bernandez (look that one up!), and a great baseballism poster from Erica.

Spent Saturday (Taryn's Birthday) watching her little sister Tovah playing fastpitch. Tovah pitched for the first time in a game, and did pretty well.

Was thinking about my little 2 year old in heaven and realized that Taryn would be 22. What would she be doing? College, or graduating? Military? Working? Questions that have no good answers today. Realized that it really dosen't matter. What matters is: I know where she is. I know she has a little sister to look after (Ahvri). And she has lots of friends with her that I may have met for a very short time, but I know she will look after them as well.

I have 5 boys and a (3) Princess. I have track, softball, wrestling, cross country, school, work, movies, events, plays, chess clubs, band concerts, heartaches and triumphs each hour, day, week, month and year with this menagarie. And realize I wouldn't change a thing.

Thank you, Erica, for putting up with me.

And finally, thanks to the NICU night shift for helping me celebrate two birthdays this weekend at work.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Saying Good-bye to 2013

Ocean Shores December 2013

I was so ready for winter break to start this year. Fall quarter was long and very difficult for me, it wasn't the workload but I think it was the depth of thought being required to process all the information and to fit it into the information I had from last year. Border-thinking, coloniality, modernity, and how they fit into a white, Christian, U.S. citizen worldview. I'm looking forward to a tough academic program of linguistics that will allow me to take a breath from evaluating my place in the world at every turn.

I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish but to be honest I was pretty sure that just getting to sleep in a few mornings and do nothing was about all I was capable of accomplishing. The night before my evaluation conference with my professor we spent a couple of hours in the ER with Arin getting a possible concussion checked out (no, just a bang and a bruise but he lost 5 days of wrestling). So thinking that I didn't really do anything the last 3 weeks I made a list....
  • spent an evening with Ryan playing Santa for a friend's preschool
  • went to our last elementary Christmas concert/ program
  • spent an afternoon a the endodontist following up on Tovah's tooth issue
  • attended the Middle School Wrestling banquet with Jonah (he will be wrestling in high school!)
  • finished up 5th grade basketball with games on 2 Saturdays
  • took Tovah to see the Nutcracker
  • went on a date with Ryan in the evening (we go out to lunch all the time so I'm not sure why we say we never have time to "date")
  • went to the beach for 2 days
  • finished the One Ring scarf I've been knitting for 5 months
  • knit boot cuffs for a friend's birthday (it was back in November)
  • went to lunch 2 different days with 2 friends that I just haven't gotten to see since September (one was in Peru for 10 weeks so that's why, the other one our schedules just haven't meshed)
  • read several books just for fun
  • started a book on invented languages that I've wanted to read for some time, I hope to finish it this weekend
  • dealt with pink eye and other assorted colds
  • hung two maps that have been framed for months
  • hosted our annual Not a Christmas Party
  • restarted a sock that has been stalled since August
  • started motorcycle gaiters for my dad
Wow! that's a lot of stuff for 3 weeks that felt like I didn't accomplish anything. Ryan worked on Christmas so it was quiet after we opened presents. The kids played their new games and I knit, read, and napped. He took them to see The Hobbit and Frozen at some point during the last few weeks. We watched Elf and Muppet Treasure Island as a family.

Tomorrow I'm going to Ocean Shores to watch Arin wrestle with my mom and Sharlene. Sunday Tovah has pitching and Awana (but no team practice), Monday school starts back up for the kids and Isaac has Chess Club, then Tuesday I start back to school. The schedule seems easier because only 2 kids have sports and Tovah's only playing one sport this season instead of the 2 or 3 she played in the fall.

I haven't made any real goals for the year except do what it takes to graduate either in June or August (if I need to pick up some math credits and Bible knowledge for Multnomah). I'd like to start running again and do a couple of 5k's with a friend. Arin turns 18 in May so we need to finish his Eagle requirements. We also need to hold Rush's Eagle Ceremony. Those seem like about all I can handle right now. If I was to choose a word for the year I think it would be Purposeful.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Coffee Break


Ryan's cousin called to see if I wanted to run away to Canada; she had a passport she'd never used and I have a brand new enhanced ID so we both can cross the border. I told her it would take me several weeks to plan such a spontaneous trip so we decided to go after school started during a week Ryan was off so he could get everyone to sports and such.
First stop was Fiddler's Coffee in Centralia

2nd stop was at Krispy Kreme in Tacoma. At this point I decided that maybe I should put our destination into Gladys the GPS. Gladys is not familiar with Canada. She had no information onboard to route our trip. Emergency Plan B was a quick trip to AAA for maps. The lady in the office also printed us a TripTik to the hostel in Jericho Beach where we were staying that night- we went Old School! Problem is, I was driving and Shar can't read a map to navigate....

  I like to stop at places we don't have in our Tiny Town and the surrounding area, I knew there was a Five Guys in Marysville and I'd never eaten at one, so that was where I was headed for lunch. Shar was just along for the ride and didn't really care what we did as long as I drove. You have to love a place that has grilled onions and mushrooms as standard toppings!

At 2:00 we were passing through Ferndale, just in time for Sonic Happy Hour. Shar claims I gave her whiplash as I pulled off the freeway...

Waiting at the Peach Arch to cross the border into Canada.

Gladys is lost...

See that beach area between my fingers? That's the nudist beach, I didn't mean to end up there but they had a bathroom and we had drunk a lot of coffee and Shar can't read a map and it was pouring rain and I just had to stop. On the upside- we didn't see any nudists, everyone had raincoats on, and I was able to figure out where we were and where we were going. We're supposed to be up there in the green area in the top right corner, just under that blue frame, that's Jericho Beach.

It's an old army training camp and its right on the beach in a really neat old neighborhood. We didn't get to do much exploring since the weather was really bad (at home they were having thunderstorms and the power was out for hours) but in the evening it cleared up enough that we did get to walk a bit on the beach and hear the waves and it was enough for me to be refreshed. I stayed in a Hostelling International Hostel in Seattle last winter with my program from Evergreen and was impressed by their cleanliness, convenience, and especially their price, $30 Canadian.

I think there is a TV crime drama that is filmed in Jericho Beach and Vancouver but I didn't go look up the particulars since I remember it as rather dark and gritty and I didn't want to freak myself out if that was truly where it was supposed to take place.

Looking towards downtown Vancouver in the setting sun. I never really got my bearings on where I was looking, I think Stanley Park is off to the left of downtown in this picture and the beach we were walking on was really the Fraser River.

The next morning we hit a couple of Starbucks for breakfast and to look for a mug for Ryan that we never found (when I was cleaning up my car I realized that the sleeve advertised a specialty blend that is only available in Canada and that would have been a great souvenir to take home but we were across the border when I figured that out). Due to Gladys being on vacation and Shar's map skills and Canada's non-existent highway signs it took us longer to get to the border than I planned (and we saw a lot more of Vancouver's suburbs and I have no idea if we went through the areas that I promised my mom we would avoid...) We still made it to the border by 10 a.m. so we could have lunch at Pike Place Market and be out of Seattle by 2 or 3 in order to miss the Friday traffic.

September is looking a lot like January as we drove through Whatcom County- gray and foggy.

It was fun to introduce Shar to my favorite parts of Pike Place Market- we had Chinese BBQ pork skewers and French pastries for lunch. And I bought half a dozen macarons to treat myself later. We stuck our heads into the original Starbucks so she could say she's been there but the line was too long to wait to get any coffee. I still can't believe she's lived in Washington most of her life and never really explored that part of Seattle- when I was a kid we always took out of town guests to the Market and the Curiosity Shoppe and since the kids have been little almost all trips to Seattle include Westlake, the Market, or the Waterfront.

Our last coffee stop was Dutch Bros. Coffee in Lacey. Dutch Mafia coffee is my new obsession and I hear rumors that we may be getting one and while I'm excited to be able to get drinks I also am afraid the novelty would wear off if we had one readily available...
We had a lot of fun and did a lot of driving. I packed books and knitting and got to none of them. I didn't get to Murchie's Tea or a grocery store to buy digestive biscuits. But I got to walk on the beach and sometimes that's what I really need. Maybe we'll plan our next coffee break to Kona?
Just kidding.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Bible in 90 Days- Complete!


I finished my reading September 8 which is actually 89 days. Stepping back and looking at the history of Israel chronologically was interesting. I didn't like the reading but looking back the thread was more apparent. What really stood out to me was the continuing disobedience of Israel, even when they had a good king and were worshipping in the Temple, they still maintained their idols and their high places and their worship of foreign gods. Once they return from exile things seem to be better but by the New Testament I think that they have replaced one form of idolatry for another- legalism. And this carried into the early church, most of the letters dealt with the difference between outward worship and inward relationship and that sin is in the heart not in the action.
A friend asked me what I learned and this was my response to her on Facebook, "Reading chronologically made me crazy with all the fiddly flipping and turning and reading in fits and starts but, when I stepped back and looked at what I read it made the "story" line much more apparent. The continuing disobedience of the people and their kings in spite of the prophets. The law was never truly followed until the time of the New Testament and then it was the new idolatry of the Pharisees. Their hearts were hardened to just loving the Lord their God. It's that simple. But on the flip side do we do any better? Rules and religion are easier to maintain than a personal relationship that calls for service and sacrifice to love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself."
I was asked about teaching a Bible survey class as a Women's Bible Study once I am done with school. I've really been thinking about what I would teach- I think there is a real lack of Bible K
knowledge and how all the parts fit together but then would it be too knowledge based and not reach the hearts of the students? I guess I have time to wrestle with this (and to be honest I wrestle with this balance in my own life- the difference between knowing about God and knowing Him...)

Friday, September 13, 2013

August on Instagram


Our friends came up to visit from San Diego and we camped in Forks. Arin is the only one who would pose with Bella's truck at the Visitor's Center | Hiking in the Hoh Rain Forest
Rialto Beach in the fog | Not sure what Isaac is running from? | Arin on the breakwater
A friend had to run kids up to camp so I jumped in the Jeep and rode along catching up on the summer and just spending some time visiting- with the wind blowing through my hair (we just missed the rain!) | Tovah started hitting lessons with a wonderful coach | soccer started

July on Instagram



1st game at the State Fastpitch tournament | Get Well Coldstone gift card to make her eye feel better (she got hit with a ball at State, it was thrown by a little sister at lunch, not by an opponent, and left her with a wild black eye for a week) | Isaac and Jonah off to Camp Hahobas for a week
Arin voted in as Senior Patrol Leader | Managed to get to 1 Mariner's game this summer | Ryan posted this picture on Instagram and next thing the boys are hollering cause its up on the big screen!
Tovah's team won their final tournament of the year! They got t-shirts (much better than a trophy) and I wondered how many days she would wear it?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

State Fastpitch Tournament

Tovah's team played at the ASA U-10 State Fastpitch Tournament in Lacey in July. I uploaded these pictures several weeks ago but they sat in a draft waiting until I took the time to journal them. Her team was up against teams that were much better than they were but they did okay, even lasted a game longer than their rival team (and believe me, we were all pretty excited about that).
The first day was against two teams that we wouldn't have played before to get the teams a chance to play on the artificial turf (and the games didn't count for pool play). The ball bounced differently than on dirt and the turf makes sliding into base easier or harder depending on whether its wet or not.
Warming up on the turf- the trick is to get the ball before it bounces

Both teams lined up with the umpires, not just the team captains. After the first set of games they also had opening ceremonies and introduced the teams and lined them all up on the field. It was pretty cool but my pictures don't do it justice.

Our friends came to hang out with me at the ball field both days. Reminded me why the older kids didn't get to play ball- little guys in the stands can be pretty exhausting but it was a lot of fun too. They cheered and waved and got pretty excited when Tovah acknowledged them and pretty much cleared the snack bag.

Sliding into home! I hadn't gotten a good picture of her sliding home before this one- I was always watching someone else while she stole home. I guess that's the point....

At the end of the day the little guys got Tovah-time on the playground!
I really need to get the pictures uploaded of the tournament they won...