Sunday, May 10, 2015

27 Days of Summer Vacation: Day 1


Took Jonah to school and then met a friend for breakfast. Then ran home to get Arin to get him to Bartel's to get fitted for a tux. Thankfully they didn't freak out on me when I walked in on Tuesday and said I needed a tux for Saturday, they said no problem. Did you know that are about a gazillion tux options to choose from? We just wanted a basic black tux, with a vest. Thankfully not only could I order it and pick it up in town, but it was a lot less to rent it than I was expecting. I also need to add "order a corsage" to my to do list for the week.

Got Arin home to finish his school work. We had gone early just in case we had to take the tux search to Olympia. Isaac has to be in Centralia at 1 to go to Seattle with PATH. They are celebrating the close of Persuasion with a night out in Seattle to see Phantom of the Opera at The Paramount and dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Ryan was supposed to go but was scheduled to work. Sharlene is going but we weren't sure they had a ride and I didn't have to take them...Rides are all worked out and off they went. Saw lots of pictures on Facebook of their adventure. They had about 30 minutes to spare between dinner and the show so they let then loose at the Barnes & Noble. I'm amazed they got them all back!

We grabbed groceries while we were in town and made it home just in time to run Tovah to play with a friend and get to the high school fastpitch game. It was their last league game and Ryan had promised several of the girls that he would come to a game. They won but let a huge lead slip away.

Tuesday night is always Taco Tuesday. The Gillaspies came as well as Allyson and a friend. Isaac usually does the bulk of the cooking so I had to do it. After dinner I had to cook chicken and eggs for the baby shower luncheon I'm doing on Wednesday. Shar brought Isaac home around midnight.

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