Monday, September 16, 2013

Bible in 90 Days- Complete!


I finished my reading September 8 which is actually 89 days. Stepping back and looking at the history of Israel chronologically was interesting. I didn't like the reading but looking back the thread was more apparent. What really stood out to me was the continuing disobedience of Israel, even when they had a good king and were worshipping in the Temple, they still maintained their idols and their high places and their worship of foreign gods. Once they return from exile things seem to be better but by the New Testament I think that they have replaced one form of idolatry for another- legalism. And this carried into the early church, most of the letters dealt with the difference between outward worship and inward relationship and that sin is in the heart not in the action.
A friend asked me what I learned and this was my response to her on Facebook, "Reading chronologically made me crazy with all the fiddly flipping and turning and reading in fits and starts but, when I stepped back and looked at what I read it made the "story" line much more apparent. The continuing disobedience of the people and their kings in spite of the prophets. The law was never truly followed until the time of the New Testament and then it was the new idolatry of the Pharisees. Their hearts were hardened to just loving the Lord their God. It's that simple. But on the flip side do we do any better? Rules and religion are easier to maintain than a personal relationship that calls for service and sacrifice to love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself."
I was asked about teaching a Bible survey class as a Women's Bible Study once I am done with school. I've really been thinking about what I would teach- I think there is a real lack of Bible K
knowledge and how all the parts fit together but then would it be too knowledge based and not reach the hearts of the students? I guess I have time to wrestle with this (and to be honest I wrestle with this balance in my own life- the difference between knowing about God and knowing Him...)

Friday, September 13, 2013

August on Instagram


Our friends came up to visit from San Diego and we camped in Forks. Arin is the only one who would pose with Bella's truck at the Visitor's Center | Hiking in the Hoh Rain Forest
Rialto Beach in the fog | Not sure what Isaac is running from? | Arin on the breakwater
A friend had to run kids up to camp so I jumped in the Jeep and rode along catching up on the summer and just spending some time visiting- with the wind blowing through my hair (we just missed the rain!) | Tovah started hitting lessons with a wonderful coach | soccer started

July on Instagram



1st game at the State Fastpitch tournament | Get Well Coldstone gift card to make her eye feel better (she got hit with a ball at State, it was thrown by a little sister at lunch, not by an opponent, and left her with a wild black eye for a week) | Isaac and Jonah off to Camp Hahobas for a week
Arin voted in as Senior Patrol Leader | Managed to get to 1 Mariner's game this summer | Ryan posted this picture on Instagram and next thing the boys are hollering cause its up on the big screen!
Tovah's team won their final tournament of the year! They got t-shirts (much better than a trophy) and I wondered how many days she would wear it?