Sunday, May 10, 2015

27 Days of Summer Vacation: Day 3


I turned off my alarm this morning. I heard Jonah leave for school but I didn't have to get up and do anything. We did decide that we really needed a trip to Olympia to get a new hard-drive to back-up the other desktop. Once we were up there we needed to go to Cash & Carry, the Scout Store, and Trader Joe's, besides Costco. I was excited to find the dried mandarin oranges at TJ's so I grabbed 3 bags (last time I asked about them the worker told me that if I ever see them to stock up since they are intermittent on the shelves).

Came home to find my Mother's Day gift- a case of Raspberry New York Seltzer! I think the last one I drank was the summer I left for Guam 27 years ago.

The Adna 6th graders have been at Cispus this week so Tovah hasn't had team practice. We finally got back in with the batting coach (his daughter has had Thursday games for most of the HS season) this afternoon. If she would just follow through with her swing and use the power in her hips she would hit the ball over their heads and it wouldn't matter than she doesn't have to speed to sprint to 1st base.

The boys have Scouts on Thursdays, I took them as I'm pretty scarce during school and fastpitch. Jonah turned in his Reading MB that he has been working on for over a year. He has to complete 2 more Eagle required MBs for Star. Isaac has a handful of required MBs plus his Eagle project to complete before March and his 18th birthday. Isaac is planning on going to Camp Hahobas this summer and go on the 50-miler in the Olympics. Jonah just needs to figure out how to get 3 more camping nights to finish the Camping MB requirements then he's never going outdoors again!

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