Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Ramblings

It's Tuesday and it's my turn to say nothing-

*Ryan's been in school for a week and on his 3rd unit.

*I filed my financial aid forms to start school next fall. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up but I thought an AS wouldn't hurt and all the classes should be transferrable.

*I do know that I don't want to do nursing, accounting, business, or Early Childhood Education...

*I resisted the urge to take on a Picture 365 challenge. You take a picture a day all year. It would be just one more thing on my to do list that wouldn't get done and make me feel bad. See, I'm learning to say "no"....

*I took the kids to the dentist yesterday- first time in almost 2 years (we lost our dental insurance when Ryan changed jobs). The cavity count wasn't too bad. Tovah got a tooth brush with a suction cup on the bottom. Why? It's now stuck to the mirror, be careful not to poke your eye out if you use our upstairs bathroom.

*I've just about finished the Jailhouse Rock StoryBook. Now I need to start the kids wedding StoryBook and a 90th Birthday book for Grandma Hendrickson. Which means I need to get over to her house to finish journalling her 80th Birthday album- I've had 10 years, it should be done.

*Poor Arin's voice is cracking, continuously. The Pubers are attacking that kid pretty hard. Wish there was an inoculation for Puberty

I love this video- I figured I'd end with this and you can enjoy at least one laugh today

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