Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Pain and Pleasures of Ice Skating

Ice skating is fun but it has some pain in it. Like the picture of my knee, I fell and hurt it badly. It bruised immediately. I started out slipping and sliding, not knowing how to ice skate.

After awhile I started getting better. My brothers were very good. My sister needed a little help. We all fell a few times, Isaac's arm still hurts. Arin fell and slid across the ice on his face- it was awesome! Soon we were all cold and wanting to go home but mom said if stayed until noon we would go to Red Robin for lunch (she said if we quit early then we would have to go to Ivar's for fish and chips- YUCK!)

Soon it was time to go but we wanted to go around one more time. We want to go ice skating again, maybe next year...

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