Friday, August 5, 2011

Safeco Field Tour


For our anniversary Ryan got tickets to Mary Poppins for me then let me plan the rest of the day in Seattle. He did ask that, if we had time, could we please go tour Safeco Field.

There were only 3 of us on the 2 o'clock tour. The visiting Clubhouse was the first place we went in, we were encouraged to take pictures and ask questions, the guide had been with the club forever. It was overwhelming to even know where to start taking pictures.

We went out on the field and could sit in the dugouts and take pictures from behind home plate. Ryan standing where Eric Wedge (is that the current manager?) stands during the games.  

We watched the grounds crew replace the sod around home plate while we waited for an earlier group to clear the visitors dugout. Ryan could talk team players and stats all he wanted with the guide.

See, I was there too.

Media room being interviewed.

Press box- we're in the open window under the "Wel" of Welcome to Safeco Field in the picture of Ryan in the dugout.

We got to see the Diamond Club and a couple of the suites including the owner's suite. It was a lot of fun even if you aren't a diehard baseball nut. You can book online and set up group tours. We just bought our tickets at the Mariner's store when we arrived (Ryan had checked out the times and costs before we went). Tickets are $9 for adults and $7 for kids. Group tour discounts are available. The website said be prepared to walk 1 mile and climb stairs but its wheelchair accessible. I think we used the wheelchair route since the only stairs we climbed were at the home plate entrance.

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