Wednesday, June 16, 2010

100 Mile Challenge

Ryan wants to do a 100 Mile Challenge from now until September 20 when school starts. I've done this before with MOPS and never done more than about 45 miles in the 3 months, however I've never had access to the gym before and had to rely on walks at the park in good weather (we live on a narrow country road that terrifies me to walk along it with the kids). Today is supposed to be Day 1 but we haven't gotten to it yet, we are enjoying a down day with nothing on the agenda.

For the MOPS challenge any activity that brought up your heart rate counted: 20 minutes = 1 mile. Biking and walking were straight mileage.

Want to join us? Leave a comment and check in weekly. I'll let you know how we're doing. I even figured out how to create one of those buttons you can have for your blog.

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