Monday, June 7, 2010

In with the new before the old has gone out

Ryan didn't find this shirt quite as funny as I did- it reads,
"I won't let school interfere with my social life"

This time of year I'm always itching to get the new year's curriculum together before we have finished up the current year. Rush and Arin still have a couple of subjects to finish up and I still have to write up their end of the year assessments. Throughout the year I have weeks that I feel like we aren't accomplishing anything but when I start listing everything we've done in each of the 11 subjects I am always surprised. One way or another we'll be done by August.

I guess I like to plan now because I have a pretty good idea of what each child needs and if I start now I can pick up the curriculum used or budget for the expenditures all summer.

Math- Arin, Jonah, & Tovah are going to continue with Math-U-See, I like the visualness of it for my concrete learners however it goes to slow for once they start "getting it" so this year Rush and Isaac will be using Number Power

Reading/ Language Arts- I like Pathways Readers for reading comprehension and practice. Rush and Arin will be using A Beka Language

Jonah will be doing Apples Spelling this year, haven't decided about the older 3 (they finished it up this year). Maybe Spelling Power (I already own it so its not something I have to find)

Tovah will be doing Prairie Primer for reading, history, copywork, art, etc. The boys will join in as they choose, I don't feel like making them enjoy it.

We'll be doing Answer in Genesis' Animal Kingdom with friends for science. Rush will be doing A Beka Biology. He'll also be taking Spanish 1 online.

Plus we'll have a full load of social studies- scouts, drama, chess, sports, swim lessons, church, field trips, and everything else that comes up.

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