Tuesday, June 22, 2010

100 Mile Challenge- Week 1

Well, we completed our first week. We didn't do so well- 2 days of exercise this week but yesterday instead of going to the pool we took the kids to see How to Train Your Dragon at our local McMenamins. This has been a crazy busy spring and we missed a bunch of movies we wanted to see so we decided to try and catch them as they come to the Olympic Club this summer. Tonight Ryan and Rush are going to the Mariners v Cubs game with Nate & Cheyney, tomorrow is the youth pool party, and Thursday they are all going to see Toy Story 3 with Grandma Carol Jeanne (I saw it Friday night at midnight- awesome movie even if it did make me cry) so yesterday was the only day we could do the movie.

So, for our mileage- Friday we walked on Rails to Trails to Littel, if we make it a big circle its 3 miles, the kids rode their bikes for most of it, it's paved for about a mile and then it's gravel, sand, and washrock so we pushed Tovah's bike for a lot of it. I forgot the camera but would have taken pictures of albino California poppies, a robin's egg fragment that was a spot of clear blue in a field of gray gravel, and the deck of the new bridge. Today we went to the gym and I used the recumbent bike and rode 3 miles- the guys walked on the treadmills or around the indoor track.

Ryan- 4.5m
Erica- 6.5m
Arin- 4m
Isaac- 3m
Jonah- 1.75m
Tovah- 3m

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