Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tokeland Hotel and Washaway Beach

We went out to the beach to see if we could see the ship that had been uncovered by recent storms out at Washaway Beach- on the coast just north of Tokeland and just south of Grayland. We couldn't find the ship but we drove through Tokeland and saw the Tokeland Hotel.

The present building took part of its original shape in 1885 as the home of William S. Kindred and the daughter of the homesteader, Elizabeth Brown. In 1889, the Kindreds expanded their farmhouse and opened the Kindred Inn. Two steamers, Shamrock and Reliable, made trips from South Bend to Tokeland. Mr. Kindred used to meet the boats with a big, horse-drawn tally ho. It was during this time that Tokeland gained a reputation as a fine beach resort, attracting guests from as far away as Idaho and southern California.

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