Monday, February 8, 2010

The Burke Museum

The Burke Museum features changing exhibits for the general public to enjoy on subjects ranging from current research and recent discoveries in natural history to the finest traditional and contemporary cultural arts.

My favorite part was about all the dinosaurs, even though they say that the dinosaurs lived millions of years ago (I'm really interested about dinosaurs since I read "Jurassic Park").

When my mom was little she saw a mummy at the Burke Museum but its not on display now.

Notes from Erica: The Museum is on the University of Washington campus just off the main entrance on 45th. It is free the first Thursday of the month. You can sign up for an educator newsletter and see the classes and workshops they offer in the Natural History discipline. Last year they did some workshops for Boy Scouts to earn their Geology Merit Badge (of course we had just finished that the month before). Evolution is very prevalent but they have fabulous skeletons and exhibits. We saw special exhibits on Antarctica and gemstones as well as Native cultures of the Pacific Rim.

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