Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympics- Knitting and otherwise

I realized it's been forever since I posted. The older boys are supposed to post each week as a school assignment. If they don't finish their school for the week they don't get XBox for the weekend (none of them get it). You do the math- the last time all 3 of them posted in a week (they can negotiate other related projects for blog posts) and figure out how long its been since the XBox has been turned on by someone other than Ryan.

Rush's last few posts are actually pages for his WA State History notebook that I've been copying as blog posts for him. He's supposed to do 3 a week since this is a first semester class and I think the semester break has come and gone. But as I polished up his last page Ryan told me to stop getting all Type A about it so I made him help Arin with his post about Christmas Eve. Then I had to walk Ryan through the whole process, Rush was busy and couldn't help him. I have an ongoing list of possible Blog topics on the bulletin board for them to choose from or they can come up with their own idea. We're still working out the kinks....

I've been working on Nate & Cheyney's wedding Storybook. It's ready for them to preview it, it took a lot less time than the procrastinating took. Now I have a deadline for a book for Grandma Hendrickson's 90th Birthday. The party is March 13. I need to be working on it this weekend.

Back to the Olympics. Having them in Vancouver is pretty cool. That's like, we're 4 hours away from Fame and Glory! I'm looking forward to seeing ice skating, curling, Apollo Ohno, bobsledding, hockey, and the freestyle stuff on snowboards. We'll also watch some ski jumping, the luge, the biathalon, and whatever else is on at the same time as stuff we want to see.

We haven't had cable for 14 years but the last couple of years we have toyed with the idea of getting it but never saw a good offer for the stations we want. Well, we got a great offer for DirectTV and it includes Fox Sports NW and MLB so Ryan can watch his beloved Mariners (they have to show me some love to get back in my good graces) and we could get it installed in time to watch the Olympics. We sat down to watch the opening ceremony last night and the kids put themselves to be before the really cool stuff started.

Rush, Arin, and Isaac went to Winter Retreat in Vancouver this weekend. The group couldn't get tickets to any events but are going to be able to go to the Olympic Village and see the torch and stuff. They are going ice skating and playing Canadian 5-pin Bowling. They have enough money to buys t-shirts and pins but it'll be interesting to see what they actually buy as souvenirs.

The Yarn Harlot hosts a Knitting Olympics during the Winter Olympics. The basic rules are you have to cast on during the Opening Ceremony and be done by the time the torch is extinguished. It has to be a challenging project that you wouldn't normally be able to complete in 17 days. I really thought about participating but 1) I'd have to go buy yarn because the only thing in my stash is sock yarn and a pair of socks in 17 days wouldn't be a challenge and 2) I have a To Do list that looks like Santa's Naughty List and I can't drop it all to start a project that would consume every waking minute for 17 days. So, I'm going to work on completing my To Do List and getting Grandma's StoryBook done and working on our 2009 album. And maybe I'll go ahead and cast on that pair of socks and see how far I get on them too.

This is what my To Do List is looking like these days. I even managed to double book my laptop Monday night. I had to take it to Cub Scouts to make Blue & Gold invitations but I told Cheyney Ryan would have it when he came up to give Nathan his Kindle so they could preview the StoryBook.


P.S. On the cable front- I'm not finding anything I want to watch. I've watched one episode of Bones, Red Green, and a few Whose Line Is It Anyways?

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