Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday Phone Pictures


It seems so simple, but can I be consistent? I want to try and download my phone pictures, whether or not I used them on Instagram, each Friday. This way I can have at least some record of our school year.

Monday- I saw the Google Street View car as we left the orthodontist- Arin only has a couple more months in braces | I finished reading the Bible in 87 days! | I finished my Crazy Rib gloves
I am nuts!  I bought a crossword puzzle book, in Spanish... | Tovah's first soccer game in Mossyrock (it was really cold and I wished I had brought my new gloves) | Tuesday- had my first orientation day at Evergreen, then a PTO meeting, afterwards I was ready for mindless so I brought home Box Tops and cut and taped and counted for 3 hours while I watched TV.
Wednesday- the sun turned red and then disappeared behind all the smoke that is coming from the fires in eastern Washington | Thursday- I'm reading The Ornament of the World for my first day of classes, I decided I needed a timeline to keep it all straight | Finished Ornament and started The Song of the Cid and needed a brain break so I started a new pair of socks.

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