Sunday, September 30, 2012

Friday Phone Dump 9-28-12


Friday was my little brother's 40th birthday. We're so old...

School started Tuesday. I go Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. By Friday night was I too exhausted to do anything fun with the kids (we had planned on going to the college to see Madagascar 3) so I told them they could eat all the junkfood in the house and watch Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

I finished the first of my Zora socks last Sunday night. As of this morning the second one is on my needles but it'll be slow going, I can tell. Time is at a premium right now.

I didn't like the texture of the Maple Granola from the bulk bins at Winco. So I got marshmallows and chocolate chips and made it into granola bars. Chocolate and maple are really good together! Next time I'll try a cup of peanut butter in the melted marshmallows.

These are only half my books for this quarter. Used books at the bookstore beat the prices on Amazon and worth driving to Olympia an extra day to get them (good thing cause they ran out of the Spanish textbooks and half our class had to get copies from other students to do their homework this weekend). There are 7 different sessions over the 3 days- lecture, seminar, language study, and film. Lecture and language study are completely in Spanish! We have seminar twice a week and each one is over a DIFFERENT book- we are reading 2 books a week!
That purple folder at the bottom of the pile is excerpts from El Libro de buen amor  that I have to read for this week. There were about 7 cartoon drawings with nude figures. I knew the 4 teen-age boys would have gone ballistic if they had seen them; so I finally covered them with duct tape- it does fix everything! They were totally gratuitous naked pictures, obviously they were not in the original medieval poem, the style reminds me of the 70s Good News Bible (is that blasphemous?)

5-A-Side soccer on Saturday. I was a bad mom and forgot my real camera. I took a few pictures with my phone. Her team is waiting for the next match by playing all of them against the ref. Wednesday night she jammed her finger stopping a goal at practice, Thursday night we were getting it checked out, Saturday she goalied with it buddy taped. I still have the x-ray order if its not feeling better tomorrow (she needed ibuprofen this morning). Our pediatrician didn't tell her to not play or to be careful, just said it probably wasn't broken, buddy tape it for comfort, and go get the x-ray if it didn't get better or got reinjured. She's a mom of 3 now grown athletes...

Jonah's math program came with in a box of cornstarch peanuts. Tovah spent last night making jewelry and crowns. Totally worth the $7 shipping for the book.

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