Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday Phone Pictures


This has been a busy week- I started indoctrination orientation at Evergreen with 2 very long days and 2 half days. I was glad to get to Friday when I had nothing but family and fun stuff.

Sunday- Jonah's 13th birthday, he played Minecraft all day | Do you recognize any of these socks? Please claim them, they have spent the summer at my house after your boy left them... | "Please hang me on the wall instead of leaving me languishing behind the door in the office since Spring Break"

Tuesday- Convocation speaker, Carlotta Walls LaNier. She was one of the Little Rock Nine in 1957 who went to Central High. Her book is good and she was a good speaker (but the Drug & Alcohol speakers were better) | Wednesday- this girl has no fear, she jumps on the ball as its being dribbled down to the goal | Thursday- Jonah's football game. He's #8 on the sideline (last week he played a minute and was SOOOO excited). They lost by 3 pts. this week because they had a TD taken away for excessive excitement or something like that- BOO!

Friday- I got up and went running. The first time since July. I made it home and needed chocolate milk before I could get up the stairs | Mini Cheer Night at the football game. | Rush (in the gray hat) playing the bass drum at the football game- We won!

Ryan didn't work until late last night so he got to go to the game with us and he got to see Tovah cheer, he missed last year. He leaned over at one point, when she was down on the track doing jumping-jacks with the cheerleaders after a TD and said, "you know cheer costs more than any other sport." Um, yeah, but she'll be the only one at home by then and I should be done with my Masters...

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