Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tentative School Plan 2012-13


I can't believe school starts in a week. All of Rush and Tovah's supplies are purchased and packed into new bags. They each have 2 new pairs of jeans to get started until I can take time to inventory what they actually need. Rush has new shoes and Tovah's complaining about her toes being squished in the perfectly good shoes I bought at the beginning of summer. We've already gotten through the first week of sports practices including a Cross-Country retreat for Arin with the high school team. Rush got his driver's license. Rush's Eagle Project should be done tonight. Whew! It's been a busy week...

Now I need to figure out the boys' homeschool plan for the year. They will not be using the public-school-at-home program this year so we'll have to pay for a private school to carry Arin and Isaac's transcripts since they are both high schoolers. That also changes the curriculum we might end up using.

Arin- 10th grade
World Geography- Passport Club at the Christian School, notebooking
US Government- Citzenship in the Community, Nation, and World Merit Badges; also a trip to NYC
and Washington DC over spring break
Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra
3 sports- Cross Country, Wrestling, Track

Isaac- 9th grade
World Geography- Passport Club at the Christian School, notebooking
Teaching Textbooks Algebra
Chess Club- club meetings, merit badge, and compete at 3 or more tournaments

Jonah- 7th grade
???  I guess he'll continue with Math-U-See, Pathways readers, and doing whatever science or history the other boys are doing. He's playing football this fall and would also like to go back to Chess Club

I'm going to look at what Kahn Academy offers for math and literature courses. The kids like video based learning and since we now have the bandwidth we might as well use the online offerings.

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