Friday, August 17, 2012

What!?!?! How Can Summer Be Almost Over?


All our travels and adventures are done and sports start on Monday. I can't believe summer is almost over but I kept telling people that our summer wouldn't really be until we could be home for 3 weeks and not preparing for the next thing (Disneyland, Family Camp, High Adventure...) The kids all start school after Labor Day, including the 3 homeschoolers, but I don't go back until the end of September so I still have a few weeks to get a project or two done, or not. I need to upload pictures to the blog and to get printed. If I am really ambitious I want to make a StoryBook of our California trip.

Some randomness at the end of summer:
  • It's hot here! We don't function in the heat the rest of the country considers normal- at 85 degrees we start getting heat advisories and warnings. It's supposed to reach 100 today but tomorrow will only be in the 80s. All we can do is lay in front of the fan or try and figure out where to go swimming.
  • Ryan finished his preceptor hours and went back to nights last night! He's going to be working a funky schedule until January but then his "regular" schedule will include a Friday night off and 5 days off in a row each pay period (2 weeks)
  • Rush got his Eagle Project approved and signed today so we can start the work. He's fencing the backyard of the parsonage at the Adna Church before the new pastor's family arrives. He's only got 10 days to complete the project but its too hot to start today, maybe tomorrow...
  • I can't wait for cooler weather, my hip is killing me and I need to wear my Dr. Martens but they look funny with shorts or capris. In the hot weather I live in Old Navy flip flops which are cool and easy to kick off and actually quite comfortable but my hip does not like them. One of these days I'm going to get some Dr. Marten sandals
  • I got a Samsung Galaxy IIS smart phone for graduation/ before our trip to California. I mostly use it to read my Bible and to Instagram. It is nice being able to Google search anywhere at anytime- for example on I-90 in the middle of Eastern Washington to settle an argument of who sang that song. Jonah had to show me how to answer it, it really is smarter-than-me.
  • I'm 70% of the way through the Bible in 90 Days. I started June 15 and kept current throughout our adventures. Actually its hardest to remember to read on the days we are at home. I've got the Bible on my new smarter-than-me phone and I can read in line, in the car, any time I'm waiting, etc. Today I started Daniel and after all the Books of Poetry and Prophecy I'm glad to be back in some narrative. Psalms and Proverbs are really hard to read straight through. But by the time I've read my Bible I don't have time for other reading or knitting (well, its hard to knit when its hot and sticky and even a bit of wool string across my hand is more wool than I want to be wearing)
  • I finished a pair of socks for my mom, the day after her birthday but definitely before she needed them so by my reckoning they were about 2 months early
  • I'm still on Week 1 of Couch to 5K. I found an app for my phone that times the running/ walking and that helps but I just haven't had time to be out of the house. I haven't given up, I'm still officially (at least in my mind) doing it and it does feel good each time I get out and run.
  • I have lost my water bottle and its killing me. I almost ordered this Contigo bottle off of Amazon this morning but I really like the one I lost and I'm not ready to concede defeat and replace a free water bottle. Tovah has one but I can't find hers either. I was really good all winter and carried it to school every day and drank water instead of an extra cup of coffee or a soda- I've found I have a lot fewer sinus headaches and my skin is less prone to break-outs if I am good about drinking my water
My missing water bottle, it has comfortable dents in it, a straw so I don't wear my water, and it was free (in exchange for 5 empty plastic bottles). It was last seen at Scouts 2 nights before we left for High Adventure.

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  1. You can go swimming at our house. :) Nothing fancy, but an above ground pool. There's AC throughout the whole house, and it was a balmy 71 all day. YOu can even bring your dinner and baking over and do it here. Today, one of my friends brought her son over to play in the pool all day with the kids and she did all of her baking for her catering business. :)