Friday, February 4, 2011

Project 365- Week 4

I'm a week late posting this- I had the pictures ready just didn't have time to sit down and annotate the days. Today I got out of school an hour early and came straight home, it was nice to be home before lunch time.

22- This is what the closet in the office looks like every Saturday, that is ONE week's worth of paper recycling from upstairs. I think we may need to look into ways to reduce or reuse.

23- I'm knitting this scarf for a friend. She spoke at the Ladies retreat 2 years ago about Rahab, the Hebrew midwives, and one other character (or not, I can't remember...) What I do remember is God's hand in perserving His people and especially the lineage of Christ. The red thread reminds me of the thread of His story throughout the Bible. The pattern has waves and fans for their time in Egypt and the Red Sea. Rahab hung a scarlet cord out her window in Jericho in order to be saved. There might be more meaning to this but these are the images tumbling around in my head for 2 years that I had to get out in a piece of knitting. I really wanted to do something tan and purple with a red thread that wove its way through the length of the piece but I still haven't figured out how to do that.

24- Jonah (and Isaac) really needed haircuts but it was one of those things that kept getting put off for another day when we had the time or the $. A friend from church said she would do the kids' haircuts for me when it was convenient and I could pay her whenever. Last week I called to see if I could take Jonah up there and she said she would come over! So the boys' hair looks great and I didn't have to leave the house and to me that's worth a lot more than she let me pay her.

25- This picture is for MaryLinda. She bought the kids The Christmas Story Monopoly for Christmas because she hoped it had the leg lamp piece. We're supposed to bring it to Family Camp so she can play it with them. You know, we've never seen The Christmas Story...

27-Isaac came in the other night and told me I had to take a picture of the sunset for my picture project. I took this one in auto and then started playing with the manual mode. By the time I figured it out the great color was gone, but I am trying. The sillhouette of the bucket in the bush is on top of my mom's trellis for the honeysuckle to climb since we cut down the Indian plum (it made a mess on the driveway and the cars). The bucket gets planted with annuals, I didn't want you to think we just had random black buckets in our trees.

28- The Pioneer Woman's new book! It was at Costco the other day, I've managed to read the introduction and chapter 1 but as soon as I have the time to read it'll go fast.

I seem to average 6 out of 7 days, I think I'm doing pretty good with everything else going on.

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