Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bottom Line Duo


It seems like it takes a lot more organization to get to go out now than it did when the kids were little and we needed a sitter. Shuffling kids and schedules is a lot of work! Wednesday night Ryan and I got to go see the Bottom Line Duo at the college. My folks heard them about 5 years ago and bought a CD, that we've enjoyed. We always talked about going to Seattle to see them.

They are absolutely fabulous! The music is great and they are so funny. He does all the talking and she just looks at him or makes faces. I was fascinated watching her fingers keep the beat on her cello while plucking strings as part of the melody, it took me a while to even figure out she was doing it. We had to take Arin and Isaac but they had a good time too (the dessert buffet helped start the night out on a positive note). Arin's word for the night, "Inspirational."

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