Friday, March 25, 2011

Tovah turned 8- In January!


I've had the pictures from Tovah's birthday in my export file for weeks but just haven't gotten to writing the post. It's hard to think about my last baby no longer being a baby. She dresses herself, does her schoolwork independently, and can pretty much keep up with the boys. The only thing she really needs help with is brushing her hair and being sent back to her room for more appropriate clothing choices...

Not a happy face! Cheyney met us at the mall in Olympia and sat with Tovah and Ryan while she got her ears pierced, (I walked the mall with the boys, it's like shots- I try to avoid needles if Daddy is available...)

The Thinkers waiting outside Claires. They wouldn't come into such a "girl" store.

After getting her ears pierced we went to Chuck E. Cheese's.

After dinner at home we did cake and presents (the pink yarn is for a sweater for her American Girl doll, Emily)

A Timkerbell watch to go with the new Tinkerbell movie

New earrings and a new necklace kit from Great-Grandma Colleen. I was supposed to print this picture to send to Grandma. Tovah's done really well with her earrings, she took over their care after the first week and hasn't had any infections. It's been long enough to remove them now but we haven't boughten any other earrings yet so she's just left them in. My mom and I have to use gold or sterling silver posts so I'm hesitant to buy her hypoallergenic earrings. Maybe this calls for a browse on etsy to find some cute earrings for her.

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