Friday, March 18, 2011

Let Spring Break Begin!


I've got 10 days before school starts again for me. I plan on getting tons of stuff done off my To Do list! HA HA!!!! I'll probably be luck to download pictures off my camera...

Yesterday was my first official day of spring break and it was one of those days that just wouldn't quit- like Whack-A-Mole the next thing I had to do just kept popping up.

Rush was taking the HSPE this week (State test for 10th graders). So he had to be in town at 8 a.m. 3 mornings. I normally get to the college at 7:20 but this was super inconvenient because 2 days I didn't have to go to school at all and Wednesday I had my Spanish final at 8 a.m., across town.

Back to yesterday, I didn't have school so I figured I'd go to Starbucks and get to read a book for the 3 hours he was in testing....

Wednesday night we got the grocery ads to check meat prices and found things at all 3 stores in town. Okay, I'd make a circuit of grocery stores first.

Grandma Hendrickson, Ryan's 91 yo grandma, is in the hospital for a some recharging and had a bad night Wednesday. I added a visit to the hospital to my morning since Ryan was studying for his final and had to work last night.

I had my cup of coffee in grandma's hospital room. It was a cup of decaf given to me by the Food Services worker on the way up in the elevator! I was trying to inhale the fumes or something and she took pity on me. Family Drama was the theme for the day at the hospital and I got back to the car ready to DiNozzo slap someone.

I ran through an espresso stand for a cup of drip on my way to Safeway. After Safeway I wasn't sure where I wanted to grab some lunch so I headed to Goodwill. I forgot my phone in the car and didn't want to go back out for it. I did score 3 pairs of jeans for Jonah, a pair of capris for Tovah that won't be skin tight, a skirt for me, a frame for a project I want to do this week, and some garbage novels for spring break reading at the ballfield.

When I got back to the car I'd missed 3 calls and a half a dozen texts, including one from Rush asking if I was on my way to get him. By this time I didn't not have the energy to face the beauracracy to get his Learner's Permit so we deferred that activity. We ran to the college to check my grade for Spanish so I could return one of the texts and ran to Burger King so I could get some Breakfast/ Lunch. I was looking forward to going home and taking it easy until it was time to run Rush to the school to leave for the baseball game in Rainier.

At home I was reminded that Jonah and Tovah had baseball practice at different times at different fields. Oh, and Isaac and Tovah had to be at Chess Club from 3-4:15. Then there was Boy Scouts, we missed last week so we had to go. And I had told the Family that Ryan would stop by the hospital at some point to check Grandma's lab results and care plan. I got  my mom to drop Jonah off, texted a friend to make sure she'd be hanging out at the field at about the time he got done if I wasn't quite there, got Rush to the school, and put a pillow over my head for 20 minutes.

Tovah's coach called as we were getting ready to leave for chess and cancelled her practice (the fields are so muddy right now) so I wasn't going to have to pick her up at the same time as Jonah at different fields. We got home from chess and I went up to get Jonah. About froze to death watching him practice and they got done late (have to take advantage of no rain days). Called Isaac to start the deep fryer. Instead of Irish Stew and homemade bread we had popcorn chicken wraps and Kraft Mac & Cheese for dinner- FAIL! Okay, the kids were fine with it but it wasn't what I wanted to do.

We made enough of an appearance at Scouts to give them one more week to sell coffee and get all the upcoming events on my master calendar. We got to the hospital before they closed the main doors and visited for about an hour. She's getting so many visitors she's having a hard time getting any rest...

Found out that Rush doesn't have baseball today so it's our one and only day of my spring break so I declared it a Pajama Day! But we may go to MeMenamins tonight to see the Portland Opera On the Go program.

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