Friday, April 2, 2010

Good-Bye Nathan

Sunday Nathan was leaving for Afghanistan, we took him and Cheyney to breakfast at IHOP so we could say good-bye, so he could eat his last bacon & sausage, so Ryan could go home and get some sleep, and so he and Cheyney could go up to the base and say their good-byes without a bunch of younger siblings in the way. The place was packed- why weren't all those people in church?

Ryan and I are the only ones who ate breakfast- everyone else had lunch, go figure we were at a pancake place!?! Nathan and Rush had the bacon burger so Nathan did get his bacon.

Wednesday night he called from Afghanistan. He is doing okay, having a rough time with the malaria pills but that was to be expected as he had a hard time with them when he went to Brazil in '02. We got his address and are getting a package ready to mail next week. I'm going to try and create a gadget on the sidebar that lists what can and can't be sent to him and what he's asking for. Email us if you want his address.

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