Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tulips with Grandma


Ryan's Grandma Hendrickson wanted to go see the tulips this spring. We finally got a day that she didn't have any other outings planned and we didn't have any early baseball games or late classes or extra trainings at work. Unfortunately it didn't happen to be on one of the 3 days of spring we've had this year. But my Grandma Colleen and her sister came up from southern California for a week so we got a chance to go with 2 great-grandmas. It rained all the way up and poured all the way home, but the 40 minutes we were there the rain held off.

Traditionally the kids each pick their favorite to have a picture with. This year seemed scattered and unfocused. We scrunched in Ryan's Pilot with Grandma and her wheelchair and when we got there my mom had already been there for awhile with her mom and aunt and they were ready to go. Two of the kids wanted to leave with her so that they wouldn't have to ride home squished up. Everything was wet so they couldn't sit on the grass and they are getting so tall that if they stand up next to the tulips the flowers only come to their knees. So I took pictures of my favorites and just let them wander and then leave as soon as I got a few group pictures.

I'm not sure where Tovah is but I caught these guys as they were heading for the exit and fighting over who got to go home with Grandma Carol. (Rush and Jonah won as they had games that night).

I had to include at least one silly shot.

Ryan with his Grandma Hendrickson. She turned 91 in March, for the past 10 years we've been thinking each winter will be her last, unfortunately I think this really may be her last spring with us. She's got a tumor and is failing before our eyes. She knows the Lord and is ready to be home with him even if we aren't ready to let her go. Her only request was to get to see the tulips.


  1. How fun! I lived on the Olympic Peninsula for 25 years and never got to see the tulip fields. What a nice family day out!