Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Racing the Rain

Last week my dad pulled the roof off the Little Shop so he could tie in the new back porch roof. The weatherman was saying that we would have a rainy Labor Day weekend. Ryan helped him until 1 on Friday when he had to go to bed to get ready for working the weekend. Dad kept working by screwing on the panels rather than nailing them (nailing anywhere in the house wakes Ryan up when he's sleeping). We went into the weekend with the sheathing on the roof. Monday morning I woke up to the sound of rain and cars on the wet road. It stopped during the day but more was expected.

My mom got to go up the ladder to help with the last few pieces.

We just made it. At 6 my dad had to run to Home Depot for another roll of paper while I started the barbecue. It started sprinkling while he was gone but they got the last few pieces on before it really started raining. Dad says the paper will last years... just kidding. A friend is coming over to help us roof later this week but the shop is dry for now.

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