Tuesday, September 7, 2010

LEGO Games- We All Win!


In June the kids asked if we could go to the Lego Games 2010 Tour they were having in Seattle or Portland at the end of summer. It was 2 months away so I said what all mom's say, "Maybe." I was thinking it would be fun and I had plenty of time to make arrangements.

Last week Isaac reminded me and I still thought we could go to Portland on Monday.

Sunday I decided I was out of my mind trying to make it happen- it was a holiday weekend, 2-hours down and back in heavy traffic, bad weather, 100s of people, and a week before payday. At a minimum I figured it would cost us $40 in gas and $10 for parking or the Max plus some spending money for snacks and then they'd really want to buy a game. So I told them we could go to the event or we could go to Walmart after dinner and just buy a game.

They decided that they really wanted Minotaurus. It cost $25 so I came out ahead...

The point of the game is to get your 3 heros through the labyrinth to the temple avoiding the Minotaur. You can block your opponents by moving sections of the wall. The biggest problem I see with the game is that only 2-4 can play at a time.

Ryan wants to get these for them for Christmas

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  1. We have five boys and a princess too! They've kind of outgrown Legos for now, but we still have a closet-full waiting for the future grandkids. Thanks for sharing your great idea.

  2. We're big Lego fans over here as well. My husband wants to get Lego Creationary for our son for Christmas. I'm tempted to think that the game is as much for him as the kid :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. love it! leggos here are always a hit or miss, it goes through fazes. I fine that when a younger sibling shows an interest that the older ones step up to the creativity. =)