Saturday, August 14, 2010

Music Campout


My folks have been camping with friends at the Old Timey Music Campout all week. I have a hard time camping when its hot and my bed is 10 miles away, so we went a couple of times so the kids could swim and to celebrate my mom's birthday. I forgot my camera the first day but yesterday I went down to the water so I could take a few pictures before I went back up and fixed dinner (chicken stir fry- I only get to use my wok when we are camping since that's the only time my gas burner is out).

My folks have been to a lot of music campouts and there is always music being played, people sit in their campsite or find a bit of shade and start jamming. So you hear voices, dogs, kids, water running, and always music. As we went down the path to the river the music was getting louder- there was a trio playing music right on the riverbank. I told my mom that if the kids had ever seen Deliverance there was no way we would get them in the water. She said if she had ever seen it then there would be no way she'd take them. Note: I've never actually seen Deliverance- just the Dueling Banjos and what Jeff Foxworthy has to say about it.

Isaac and my mom sat in the middle of the water and the others floated down to them and then went upstream to do it again. Grandma was a little worried that the boys wouldn't wear life jackets but I think the deepest water Arin could find was mid-chest on him and it is a very slow-moving river. (This is the same mom who had no worries about what Matthew and I were doing in the river when we were kids).

Played Bocce after dinner then home for baths and an early bedtime since they were all hot and cranky. I had let them stay up til 11:30 the night before to try and watch the meteor showers.

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