Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Have A Schoolroom!


When we remodelled I didn't get a schoolroom but we moved school upstairs from the kitchen table to the family room. The kids work on the couch, their beds, the kitchen table, or wherever. We had 3 rooms that were public spaces- the family room, the TV room, and the office. The TV room was cute and cozy (with a Mariners theme) when we had 5 little kids but has slowly been shrinking and when the kids started asking for a Wii or a Kinect for our XBox we knew that it just wouldn't work. Ryan wanted to have both computers in the same room (of course the laptop doesn't stay there- I'm in the bedroom writing this). We discussed moving the TV & couch out into the family room, moving the computer desk and a 2nd desk into the TV room and moving my table into the office.

Before: Family Room, TV room with XBox drumset, and office. I love my bookcases but I need more!
I don't like change. I had tentatively proposed moving furniture and the rooms but I was still getting used to the idea. Ryan wanted it done, so Monday we did it. The big stuff is all moved but I still need to work on some details- like where all the little junk goes and clearing out 2 laundry baskets of clutter.

The kids were pretty good about moving everything. They put orphan socks on the their arms to dust things as we moved them to their new home. We had to do it in stages to get everything to fit- it was like a slotted puzzle game. Ryan had to take a propane heater off the wall of the family room- we found it was cheaper to heat with electricity. Now we have a hole to patch, but that is for another day.

As soon as we got the computer moved to the other room we discovered that its too far from the wireless hub to go online so we had to move it back to the office. It took 3 of us to carry that desk.

The TV's new home. The cradle has swim suits and towels and is looking for a new home

Now there are 2 couches for TV viewing plus plenty of floor space. Those old cushions are going to the dump tomorrow and I'm bringing some new ones upstairs

2 desks for 2 computers in the office. Plus a new printer that works on the wireless network so I can print from my laptop!
And now for the best part! I have a schoolroom. It needs a lot of finishing touches to make it look good but its functional and even has some storage.

A table and a reading chair. I have a chalkboard I think I'll hang above the table and 2 big maps that will go on the wall above the dresser.

Rush is wiped out! He did most of the moving.

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  1. I love your new spaces! We have 4 girls and a boy (in that order)-its a shock to switch gears! =) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like the rearrangement, it looks great, and I think it is fun to have a school room if possible. Wall maps and my white board are my favorites. Thanks for sharing... =)