Tuesday, August 27, 2013

State Fastpitch Tournament

Tovah's team played at the ASA U-10 State Fastpitch Tournament in Lacey in July. I uploaded these pictures several weeks ago but they sat in a draft waiting until I took the time to journal them. Her team was up against teams that were much better than they were but they did okay, even lasted a game longer than their rival team (and believe me, we were all pretty excited about that).
The first day was against two teams that we wouldn't have played before to get the teams a chance to play on the artificial turf (and the games didn't count for pool play). The ball bounced differently than on dirt and the turf makes sliding into base easier or harder depending on whether its wet or not.
Warming up on the turf- the trick is to get the ball before it bounces

Both teams lined up with the umpires, not just the team captains. After the first set of games they also had opening ceremonies and introduced the teams and lined them all up on the field. It was pretty cool but my pictures don't do it justice.

Our friends came to hang out with me at the ball field both days. Reminded me why the older kids didn't get to play ball- little guys in the stands can be pretty exhausting but it was a lot of fun too. They cheered and waved and got pretty excited when Tovah acknowledged them and pretty much cleared the snack bag.

Sliding into home! I hadn't gotten a good picture of her sliding home before this one- I was always watching someone else while she stole home. I guess that's the point....

At the end of the day the little guys got Tovah-time on the playground!
I really need to get the pictures uploaded of the tournament they won...

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