Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snow! It's made with love- just ask the kids....


I've pondered all week on what to post for Made With Love. I figured I'd skip this week since I haven't taken any photos this week and I've been too busy with school to be creative and the one great meal I made, I didn't have a chance to photograph.

Then the snow arrived, right in time for Tovah's birthday! Snow is actually pretty rare in SW Washington and its forecast a lot more often than it actually shows up. Flurries with sun breaks teased us all afternoon and I just wanted it to hold off long enough for us to get home from shopping and birthday lunch. By the time we got home it had pretty much stopped and I figured it was a bust but at 5:30, when Ryan headed out for work, it really started in earnest.

This is how the backyard looked when we went downstairs at 9:30 to have cake and ice cream. The dead Christmas tree I threw out the backdoor last week looks great. The best birthday ending ever!

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  1. Snow is made with love for children and school teachers. :> I also have five sons and a single girl Mine comes in fourth place though.

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