Monday, September 5, 2011



We took 2 days at Ocean Shores for our vacation this summer. We couldn't get down there at all last year with the school schedule. Ryan took a night off and we had to be back in time for Back To School Night. We packed light to fit in the Pilot, but took the essentials: swim suits, electronics, books, snacks, food for lunches and 1 dinner. We ate dinner the first night at the restaurant at the hotel and the hotel had a continental breakfast with waffles each morning. I finished 2 books and got caught up on my Bible in 90 Days reading. Ryan got about a third of the way through the Tom Clancy we got at Christmastime.

"Hurry up, Mom!" The walk to the beach gets longer each year | Playing tag with the waves

When we drove down on Sunday we drove out of sunshine and temperatures pushing 90-degrees into a wall of clouds and chilly temps. Monday we woke up to glorious sunshine and the wind wasn't even very bad. We headed to the beach in the morning in case the clouds were coming back in the afternoon. The hotel has an indoor pool so we weren't worried about swimming in bad weather.

The waves were filthy looking. Ryan said thatit's expected that we'd start seeing junk from the tsunami this fall | Rush was Here | Red Shirts have a low life expectancy... | How can I expect the kids to be mature when this is what I get from their dad?

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