Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Confessions- June 18


1) We are on our second day of day shift and Ryan overslept. I Hate dayshift! I'm tempted to make a paper chain so that we know when we are close to being done, but I think that might be too childish.

2) I've had a whole week of summer vacation and have nothing to show for it- I don't feel relaxed or rejuvenated or even that I've accomplished anything.

3) Tovah and I tagged along with the boys when they went to Seattle to see Super 8. Our friend, MaryLinda, met us and we had a girls' day. We rode the Monorail, ate at the Westlake food court, went to Old Navy, wandered around Pike Place Market, then back to the Center to meet the guys. MaryLinda says my kids are too well trained. Tovah found a seat and turned around and smiled just as I got my camera out of the bag.

4) We did a lot of shopping, at least for me. Tovah's shoes hurt so we got her 2 new pairs of flip flops at Old Navy, I got 4 more macaroons from Le Panier, we found curry ketchup at the Bavarian Meat Market, got Tovah sunglasses and a purse at Claire's, and candy at that little shop where you pay way too much money for a quarter pound of candy.

5) Tovah and Rush are registered for Public School. Right now most of my angst is about what people are going to think.

6) Ryan took an almost 30% cut in pay this summer as well as doubled his gas budget for clinicals. His car will be gone every day so that means I have to take my van any time we need/ want to go anywhere. I think this is going to be a long summer. I'm trying to make the best of it- we have projects to get done and Rush has half his Algebra book to do. I'm trying to cut the grocery budget by eating what's in the deep freeze and pantry, using coupons, and shopping deals. I got butter, flour, and sugar for baking. I may gain a ton of weight!

7) I hate dayshift, did I mention that?

8) Rush and Arin are asking for razors and I'm trying to ignore them. I'm just not ready for this.

9) The Toothfairy seems to have boycotted our house. Tovah and Jonah just threw their teeth away and asked for their money since she's so unreliable.

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  1. we gave up the tooth fairy years ago. now she only visits for first teeth.