Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playing Hooky and Isaac's 13th Birthday


I should be doing something right now. Studying, laundry, being with my family, anything. What am I doing? Sitting in my bedroom with the laptop watching Phineas and Ferb until its time for CSI. I had a Spanish test this morning so I don't have any homework (the oral test is not something that can be prepared for) and we went on our first Botany field trip this afternoon and don't have class tomorrow. I could be typing up my Pacific Northwest History notes or reading the next chapter in my Health & Nutrition book, but, no. I'm doing nothing, and it feels good to just sit and do nothing.

For Botany I have to prepare 30 specimens in a collection. They have to be native plants. My mom went through the book we are to use as our guide and found 43 plants that we have in our yard or across the street. There are another 5 or so that she just considers weeds that would count too. I don't see this collection project being a problem. My PNW research paper? whole nuther story.... I'm considering doing it on something about how the settlers brought in a lot of plants that have changed the "native" landscape from what it looked like when Lewis & Clark came. Finding sources is the issue.

Isaac turned 13 last month. That means 2/3 of my children are now teens (or if you want to be technical, half are currently teens since Nathan is almost 22). We made cupcakes I heard discussed on facebook- chocolate cupcakes with Lindor truffles, glazed with nutella. The truffles would have been better if we had just eaten them but the nutella glaze- YUM!

I wrapped his money in layers of tape and ribbon.

Rush tries to help his get the money out but they finally had to resort to scissors

Put the Nutella on while they are warm (or stick them back in the warm oven)
and spread it when it starts to melt.

P.S. Nathan's home! He came home from Afghanistan almost 2 weeks ago. We've seen him once and I may have taken pictures but I don't remember. I didn't expect to see him until at least Wednesday and the kids called us Monday afternoon while we were shopping at Walmart to tell us that they were at the house. We hurried home but the kids had taken over the conversation and wanted to show him all the XBox games that they had gotten this year. We took them out for Mexican and were joined by my parents and Cheyney's folks. Ryan's mom and her friend stopped by to say hi. Oh, I did take pictures! They're still on the camera, but I did take some of Nathan and Cheyney with Great-Grandma Hendrickson that evening.

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